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Customers LOVE it! – This product has been a proven hot seller over almost 2 years and the average refund rate is just 10%!
Geo targeting on sales pages – International traffic does INSANELY WELL.
Awesome email followup sequence – If they don’t join the first time, we’ll try to get them to join a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc so you still make money!
Your Clickbank ID in follow-up emails – This ensures you get credit even if they clear their cookies or change computers.
All sales through Clickbank – So you know you have 60 day cookies, and rock solid tracking to make sure you always get paid!
Tons of affiliate tools – Banners, email swipes, PPC ads, pop-under ads, review pages, affiliate videos, solo ads, we have it all! Plus if there is anything else you want just let us know and we will have it custom made for you for free.

Upsell Flow 

NOTE: Our upsell flow more than doubles the average order value and you get 75% commission on everything!


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Your Clickbank hoplink is the unique tracking link that Clickbank gives you which allows them to keep track of all sales you generate and ensure that you are paid commissions on all sales you generate. Your hoplink is where you will send all of your traffic to, whether you get them to click on a link in a blog, click on a banner ad, click on a link in an email, or any other method, you need to make sure they go through your Clickbank hoplink so that you get proper credit for all of your sales.

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Limited Time Sale

Page Description:
Our evergreen discount sales page

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Job Quiz

Page Description:
This is a variation of our job application funnel that opens with a quiz. Great for social traffic.

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Full Join Page

Page Description:
A combination of our Join and Activate page that does not have an opt-in form.

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Job Landing Page Variation:
$280 per day posting YouTube comments

Page Description:
This is a job ad style landing page that show people the type of work they can get paid to do and take them through an application funnel. Very high-converting.

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