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Email 1


Social Media Manager


Could you be our next social media manager?

Our company is hiring a number of new beginner social media managers. To be eligible for one of these roles, you must meet these criteria:

1. You must be a regular user of either Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube

2. You must have a reliable internet connection

3. You must be available 10+ hours per week

4. Full training is provided on all of the tasks and you can begin work immediately if you qualify. The companies that you would work for are all around the world, so working times are flexible.

Most of these companies just don't have time to manage their social media accounts on a day-to-day basis anymore, but also don't want to hire another full-time staff member in their office just for this role. So you will be working for 2 or 3 companies at a time, but working remotely from your house.

Click here to submit your application if you are interested and qualify.



Email 2


Did you overlook this $50k remote job?



I’ve got to ask…

Are you even looking for remote work?

Because right now there’s a remote job available that pays $50,000-$54,000 a year, and all it requires is posting some stuff to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram a few times a day…

And yet… you still haven’t applied!

Maybe you just missed my previous emails about it?

If that’s the case, go to the link below to see the job ad now.

Look, maybe it’s my fault…

Maybe I didn’t make it clear just how fantastic a chance this job is in my previous emails.

If that’s the case then I’m sorry.

But let me be clear now…

This is your chance to join the thousands of people across the country already working from home.

You will experience the freedom of working flexible hours from the comfort of your own home, or from wherever you feel like.

And with a $50,000-$54,000 salary, you’ll likely be earning more than sitting in some stuffy office somewhere!

So, what do you accept my apology?

Will you give this job a go? Or at least apply?

I hope so, it could change your life for the better.

Click here to apply now.

Best wishes,


Email 3

Subject Line: 

What do you think about this simple job?


Use social media for a living.



No one has ever thought that now we can make a living by posting stuff on social media. 

But now, it's possible. 

What I'm about to tell you in this email is a great way of working remotely. 

Here, you need to manage social media and post content on behalf of some companies.

You don't need to learn any complex advertising skills or need any high-end device to work.

Just make sure you have a simple laptop or smartphone, and a reliable internet connection.

Hit this blue line to apply.

All the best.


Email 4

Subject Line: 

750/week remote youtube job.

Pre header: 

Hiring 3 people from your country



Do you like watching food reviews on YouTube? 

The delicious and attractive food shown in those videos literally provokes our taste-buds!  

But what if looking at those videos is a paying job? 

What if someone pays you 750 bucks a week for it? 

Well, today's job of the day is all about helping a food blogger posting videos reviewing delicious foods on YouTube. 

She's hiring 3 ordinary folks from your country.

Your job is to download the provided content and upload it on her YouTube channel. Previous experience is not needed. You'll be trained for everything. 

Your name is already on the list. You just have to confirm the application.

Hit this blue line to confirm your application and to know more about this job.

All the best.


Email 5


Earn $50 per Instagram post


Hey [NAME]

Do you have Instagram installed on your phone? Or, if you don’t, are you willing to install it? Because that’s all you need to qualify for today’s job position. We’re looking for 6 remote workers to help small businesses post content to their Instagram accounts. If that sounds like something you’re interested in, read on for the full job spec…

Job title: Receive extra paychecks for helping small companies upload content to their Instagram accounts

Job description: More than 1 billion people now use Instagram and this traffic generates millions in annual advertising revenue for small companies. Many of these small companies are doing so well they’re now looking for remote workers to take the ‘easy’ work off their hands - like posting a photo and video content to their Instagram accounts. That’s what today’s available positions are all about. You don’t need to be an Instagram ‘influencer’ with thousands of followers; you just need to take the content these companies send you and post it onto their accounts. It’s not the most exciting work, but it’s easy, remote and it pays well!

Pay: $800 per week (can work out at $50 per post)

Click the link below to apply for one of the 6 available positions.

Location: This is remote work. You’ll receive the content to upload via email and then upload via your smartphone or tablet. So, you can do this work anywhere in the world. You will need to be English speaking to communicate with your employers though.

Requirements: As I say, this is remote work, so a phone or tablet and internet connection are the main requirements. Then you’ll need 28 hours a week to dedicate to the job. That’s an average of 4 hours a day. But the hours are flexible, so you can do more on one day and less on another. It’s up to you.

Necessary experience: You’ll need to know how to navigate social media and be able to communicate via email clearly too. But this is an entry remote position, so we’ll be providing you with all the necessary online training you need to perform this job to the best of your ability. Just make sure you bring bags of enthusiasm with you!

Whether you’re on Instagram for hours every day or you’ve just heard other people talking about it, this job could add an extra $800 to your take-home every week.

All you need to do to qualify is download the app.

Got that covered?

Then click here and apply for one of the 6 available positions now.

Best wishes,


Email 6


$190/day YouTube unboxing job



Because you’re from [COUNTRY], I want to offer you this $190/day YouTube job.

But first I must check that you can perform the basic tasks required.

So, do you think you can handle this four step process?

 - Download premade video content we'll send you

 - Upload the video content to YouTube account we'll provide you with

 - Input title for video we provide you with

 - Receive payment of $35-$50 per video

I hope that seems manageable to you because we’re ready to get you set up with this job right now.

You can click here to apply now, or carry on reading for more details…

Job title: Upload premade YouTube videos to earn $190 per day

Job description: A YouTube channel that’s built a large following thanks to unboxing products on camera is looking for an extra pair of hands to help them upload their videos on time. You’ll be responsible for uploading their video content to their YouTube channel. This position is only available to one person, so if you’re interested please apply right away.

Pay: $35-$50 per video/$190 per day

Click here to apply while this position is still available.

Location: This job is only available to people from  [COUNTRY]  .

Requirements: 3 hours a day, three days a week available to upload premade YouTube videos. A device that you can do this on (even a smartphone will work) and a reliable connection to the internet.

Necessary experience: You'll be provided with basic training for the job, so it doesn't matter if you're completely new to this. If the 4 step process outlined above seems simple enough to you then apply right away!

Look, there’s only one position available and because you’re from [COUNTRY], you’re perfectly positioned to fill it.

So, please don’t let this pass you by…

Click here to apply now.

Best wishes,


Email 7


950 bucks/wk for posting pics on Facebook

Pre-header: Hey, we're hiring you right now.



We want 3 ordinary social media users from [COUNTRY] to manage a company's Facebook page.

That company is a huge Los Angeles-based e-commerce brand that wants to hire remote workers to manage posting photos on their Facebook page. 

And are happy to pay 950 bucks per week for this simple job. 

You don't need any kind of working experience as complete training will be provided to you at the beginning. 

You just have to download the provided premade content from their old blogs and upload it as it is on the company's Facebook page.

Make sure you have reliable internet access, a laptop or smartphone device, and a passion for using Facebook. 

Hit this blue line to confirm your application.

All the best.


Email 8


150/day – Instagram Yoga job

Pre-header: Confirmed your application [NAME]



Would you like to make 150 bucks a day by being fit and healthy? It's mutually beneficial. Isn't it?

Well, to make it happen, you just have to confirm your application for this job. 

Here, you have to work with and help a Yoga influencer on Instagram to manage posting content on her Instagram page. 

Due to her busy schedule, she can't manage posting content regularly. 

And that's why she wants your help to do those tasks on behalf of her. 

The job is simple, you just have to work for 2 to 3 hours a day and the work includes:

 1. Receiving premade content from her daily through email.

 2. Uploading that content to her social media as per her guidance. 

 3. And receiving 150 bucks a day for doing so. 

That's it!  

You don't need to have any kind of previous working experience, that's because she's offering complete training that'll teach you everything you need to know. 

So, if you're a fitness freak and a Yoga enthusiast, then you're a complete fit for this job. 

Hit this blue line and confirm your application. 

All the best.


Email 9


Instagram fashion blogging job

Pre-header: 950/wk remote job for people in [COUNTRY]



We're hiring a remote worker from  [COUNTRY] who can help a fashion blogger on Instagram to upload photos on her page. 

You’ll be paid 950 bucks/wk for doing so. 

She has an Instagram page with 1.5 million followers and she has to post 2-3 photos daily to keep engagement high. 

That's why she's looking for a helping hand for this as she can't manage it by herself due to her busy schedule. 

If you have a reliable internet connection, a laptop, a tablet, or even a smartphone, and a passion for fashion-related content, then you can apply and qualify for this post. 

I've already added your name to the list, you just have to confirm it.

Hit this blue line to confirm your application and to know more about this job. 

All the best.


Email 10


600/wk - Youtube movie review job

Pre-header: Hiring 2 remote workers from [COUNTRY]



If you like watching movies then you might like this simple remote job.

Here, you just have to help a professional YouTuber posting content on his YouTube channel. You'll make 600 bucks a week by doing it. 

He's a content creator with more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube and needs your help. 

Due to his busy schedule and increased workload, he can't manage posting videos on his YouTube daily. 

And that's where he needs your help in it. 

You just have to post the premade content he'll provide you with, on his YouTube channel. 

And best of all, you just have to work 2 hours a day with your laptop, tablet or even a simple smartphone. 

So Hit this blue line and confirm your application. 

All the best.


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