$40 per tweet for you

Job title: Earn $40 per tweet managing this company’s Twitter account

Job description: Your main task is to run the Twitter account of this small online food business - posting images, short posts about their products and links to their editorial content. You’ll also be expected to reply to any comments their customers make on the posts. This is a part time, remote position.

Pay: $40 per hour ($800 per week)

Location: As I say, you already qualified for this position because you’re from United States.

Requirements: 20 hours per week. Smartphone, tablet or PC that can access Twitter. And an internet connection.

Necessary experience: If you’ve used Twitter before, or you are used to posting on social media in general, you’ll have an advantage over applicants who haven’t. But we’ll also provide full training for you because you were a positive match on our database.

With 335 million monthly users, Twitter is big news for online companies looking to reach more customers.

And today you have the chance to work with a small quirky food business to get a share of some of their profit.

At $40 per hour, this job will receive many applicants.

So click the button below to apply now.

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