$840 per week for posting wildlife photos on Instagram

We're still cavemen at heart. Even if we live in cities, we still love a walk in the woods, watching sunsets and stars, going on beaches, and camping in the rocks.

Not just going out, we also love to watch photos and videos of nature and wildlife.

And today, I have a job for those who love nature and follow wildlife content on social media.

Job titleEarn $840 a week by helping a wildlife photographer posting photos on his Instagram page.

Job description: We know a professional wildlife photographer who has an Instagram page on which he shares his creations.

He roams in the deepest jungles and on the highest rocks, risking his life for great captures.

But due to this lifestyle, he is unable to manage his Instagram page. And that's why he's looking for a remote worker from United States to manage posting photos on his Instagram.

Here, your job is to download the provided premade content (wildlife photos, captions, hashtags, etc.) and to post it on his Instagram page.

Pay: $840 per week.

Location: He's hiring remote working people mainly from United States.

Application deadline: Midnight, September 22nd, 2023

Requirements: Mobile device or tablet (android or iOS), 3 hours of free time each day, and a passion for playing games.

Aside from that, you badly need one thing to qualify for this job.

It's the passion for wildlife and nature-related stuff. If you don't have it, then you can't enjoy working here.

Necessary experience: He's providing complete training on everything that's why he doesn't care about your previous working experience.

Just hurry up this position is only available for one person. Don't miss it.

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