$875 per week for posting photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

We need your help and we're more than happy to pay you $875 per week for it. 

As you may know, marketing products on social media is easier than doing it through any other platform. 

That's why many e-commerce brands prefer this way of marketing their products. 

But there's one small catch, this method is pretty time-consuming. That's why many businesses can't be able to do it by themselves. 

So they hire ordinary social media users like you and me to manage all this stuff on behalf of them. 

And today, they're hiring remote workers from  United States. 

Job title: Earn $875 per week to manage posting photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for some e-commerce companies.

Job description: The e-commerce companies that we work with, are looking for 6 ordinary social media users from United States. 

They expect you to promote their businesses through Facebook and Instagram using your phone or tablet. This way, you're helping them build brand awareness and getting the audience. 

No need to learn social media advertising as the content will be 100% premade and provided to you by email. 

And you're making $875 per week by just downloading and uploading premade content on these companies' social media accounts. 

Pay:  $875 per week. 

Location: The companies are looking for people from United States. 

Application deadline: Midnight, September 22nd, 2023

Requirements: A reliable internet connection, a smartphone or tablet to work, and 12-14 hours of your free time per week

Necessary Experience: Have zero experience? 

Great! No previous experience is needed. You'll be provided with complete training on how to post photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter with the right captions and the hashtags on each post.

Just hurry up and apply now if you want to end up on the final list of just 6 people. 

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