If You Can Speak English And One Other Language Then A Company From United States Wants To Hire You For Big Money!

Translate Documents Online – $37 per hour

If you speak English and one other language then you are in hot demand right now and companies want to pay you lots of money to help them translate documents online. As the internet makes businesses more global, they have lots of articles, blogs, websites, ebooks and more that need to be translated into other languages besides English.

However most of these businesses don’t have enough documents to translate to warrant hiring someone full time to do the job, so they are turning to hiring people just like you on a part time basis to help out the translating these documents from home! A company from is looking to hire someone right now on a part time basis to help with translating articles and the pay for this position is $37 per hour.

We are looking for somebody who:

Has an internet connection
 Is from the United States
Can begin work immediately

This writing job can be completed from home and all communication will be via email.

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